Sending multiple MIDI ports to separate channels in Kontakt with Cubase


Here's my scenario: I have various MIDI instruments playing on different MIDI ports (in my case, different IAC Driver ports, on OSX). All the instruments are sending on channel 1, to their respective ports. And I want to route this to a single instance of Kontakt with various virtual instruments in it, each one listening on a different MIDI channel.

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How to send MIDI to Logic's software instruments


I wanted to get Whole-Play to use Logic's software instruments for playback, which was not too hard to do, but since it took a bit of researching and fiddling with, I thought I'd document the process here for future reference, plus it might help someone else too.

My scenario is: I generate MIDI messages from custom software (using Chuck), and I want to send that midi to Logic, using different software instruments. A similar procedure might apply to other scenarios where the MIDI is generated elsewhere (i.e. some other software). Here's a step by step description:

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