Contact + info

I'm always happy to receive feedback, you can find me at gonzalo ( AT ) whole-play ( DOT ) com


Whole-Play is a very open project, and the opportunities for interconnection with other artists and disciplines are endless. I'm very keen to explore all sorts of possible collaborations, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me!

About me

I'm Gonzalo Pérez de la Ossa, a musician based in Melbourne who also happens to be a computer programmer. For years I've been exploring the connections between composition and improvisation and their relation to the original creative impulse. Also for years I've had the thought of Whole-Play as a fascinating way to explore these elements, but lacked the means to make it a reality. Now traveling provides the spaces and vibration, Chuck the programming tools, and my own personal evolution the passion and love to pursue my most exciting project. So many possiblities wanting to be manifested!

If you want to listen to the sort of music I'm creating these days (besides Whole-Play), check it out at


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