Development: Chuck

Exploring, battling and enjoying Chuck programming. This category is intended for Chuck programmers so I'm assuming people know what they're doing. But if anything needs clarification don't hesitate to ask.

I'm writing here mostly for my own future reference, but hopefully someone else benefits from my explorations. And viceversa, if you can improve on anything here, please share!

Chuck <=> Browser communication with OSC


As Whole-Play becomes more complex, the need to monitor various values of the composition has increased, and logging to a console is not particularly comfortable. Since I'm a web developer, I thought that creating a UI in the browser would be the best solution for me, so I set out to find a way to make Chuck talk to a browser. Here's my findings, using node.js and OSC.

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Chuck constructors and inheritance


Well, for starters there are no constructors in Chuck (using v1.3.2.0). But it would be so good to have them, and to be able to call the parent's class constructor... but I'm getting ahead of myself, read on for the full story (you should be comfortable with OO concepts). Spoiler alert: I didn't really succeed. :)

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