Released: 8/05/2019

Welcome to Flow, the first manifestation of Whole-Play.

Whole-Play has different Virtual Composers, each one with its own approach to making music, its own personality. Each one has a Virtual Band, the actual sounds, which in turn has its own way to respond to the composer's intentions. Flow explores an exciting feature of Whole-Play, where composers can be run through different bands. You'll hear two composers, rajaz and morpheus, first playing with their original bands, followed by two more tracks, with each composer playing with the other's band. This crossing provides wonderfully unexpected combinations.


Guitar: Gonzalo Pérez de la Ossa
Composers: rajaz (1, 4), morpheus (2, 3)
Bands: Aka Truth Band (1, 3), Machine One (2, 4)


Recorded live @ Purple Chilli Studios, April 2019
Cover by Gonzalo Pérez de la Ossa

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