Sketch 02: Gravity


This has been on my hard-drive gathering dust for a while. Because I'm changing a bit the development direction I was about to abandon it, but I think it's a shame to not let it manifest at all. So here's a sample of my second sketch, Gravity.

Gravity, take 13.45 MB

Gravity explores the idea of self-organizing chaos. Because against all odds, creation wants to take place.

In this recording I used Machine One, one of the bands in Flow, who were very happy to go a bit more experimental. ;)

You may hate gravity, but gravity doesn't care.

Gravity, take 23.28 MB

Here's another take of Gravity, again with Machine One. Same virtual band, but very different outcome!

Gravity, take 34.47 MB

And one more take, this time with a totally different Virtual Band: Aka Truth Band, again from Flow.


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