Sketch 01: Blurred chaos


During the development of Flow I discovered some volume balance issues. After finishing the recording I started tackling them, and I'm still working on ironing out some details, but it seems that it's heading the right way. So I want to start working on new material in parallel. Creating new Composers is a complex task, so I decided to start exploring through...


In the context of Whole-Play, a sketch is a short piece focusing on only a few key aspects instead of tackling a complete work. Actually, that's what's in my mind, because so far I have only one sketch. But before I go on, here it is:

Sketch 01: Blurred chaos6.99 MB

Two instruments: the Wrenchspiel (?) and my guitar (in this case a virtual instrument, because I'm traveling and I don't have my real guitar with me).

I wanted to explore:

  • A new feature, blurs (I should write about that sometime)
  • Controlled chaos
  • Non-linear interaction with the improvisation
  • The idea of a dynamic canon

And I know that's all kind of abstract. :) EnJoy!

My idea is to explore individual elements of Whole-Play, only a few at a time, leaving structure out (or on second term). I think this way:

  • I can concentrate on and investigate specific aspects of Whole-Play, such as the sound of an instrument, its playing technique and subtelty, different ways to respond to the improviser, and so on.
  • I can (relatively) quickly produce actual pieces of music instead of just tests.
  • I can find out what I'd like to do, as opposed to what I can do. This might guide the development of new features or improvement of existing ones.
  • It will plant the seeds for the next bigger project, which I'm hoping will develop throughout 2020.

To be honest, this is the kind of sub-project I get all excited about, and end up not following up... so let's say I will publish one or more sketches. :)


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