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Not that long ago a few friends helped me out with the evaluation of the interest of rythmic motifs, which was fun and very helpful at the same time. The fools! Little did they didn't know that this meant they'd be the target for further Whole-Abuse. Like right now, when I'm tackling melodic motif recognition. But hey, why limit it to a few people, when I can put it online for everybody? Global scale cheeky-ness, awesome! ;)

So if you can read basic melodies, have some time to give away, and would enjoy contributing, here's what I ask:

Evaluate the interest of each melodic motif. That is, assign it a number, you choose the scale (1-10, 1-100, whatever suits you).

So your results would be something like:

#1: 1
#2: 50
#3: 34

A few clarifications:

  • Each bar is an independent motif.
  • There's no rhythm, I know this is a bit abstract but go with it.
  • There are never any repeated notes, that's a necessary simplification of the system.
  • There's no harmonic context! Even if it looks like it, don't assume it. Try to imagine this completely abstract, consider simply the sequence of intervals.
  • You can consider consonance/dissonance, but without thinking about harmonic context.

A word about interest: that could really mean anything, and without rhythmic or harmonic context, what does it even mean? I'm not sure! In fact I'm thinking maybe we could do two ratings: one for interest (you have to decide what that means for you) and another one for complexity (that seems more straight-forward). But maybe I'm asking too much, or making things too complicated. If so, just rate them once, intuitively.

Blah blah blah, here's the chart. Whole-Thanks, und viel Spaß! (yep, still in Berlin)

Melodic motif chart


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