Kontakt MIDI automation in Cubase


This is a bit similar to Guitar Rig MIDI automation in Cubase, but simpler. Here I just need:

In Cubase

  • A MIDI track, with its output connected to Kontakt's MIDI in.
  • If using a multi in Kontakt, make sure the MIDI track also has the right channel selected (matching the channel in the instrument in the Kontakt multi). Note to self: in my case the MIDI track always comes on channel 1, and gets transformed to the right channel with a MIDI Transform insert.

In Kontakt

Let's say we're using a multi with two instruments, bass on channel 1 and keyboard on channel 2. We'll have two MIDI tracks in Cubase, one sending to each channel. Now we want to automate a control on each instrument, by sending CC# messages. To make it more interesting, let's say we're using the same CC# for both instruments, i.e. CC3. This is possible, because we'll assign CC3 to two knobs, one on each instrument, but because they'll come from different channels, only the right control will be used. For example:

  • CC3 on channel 1 will control the Tune knob on the bass.
  • CC3 on cahnnel 2 will control the Vibrato amount of the keyboard.

Before I explain how to do it, quick note: this can of course be done using different CC# for different channels, it's the same process. Just wanted to show that CC#'s can be reused across channels. Also, a single CC# can control different knobs on the same channel (simultaneously).

Ok, to make the assignment:

  • Right click on the knob/control to automate. This will popup the option "Learn MIDI CC# Automation".
  • Trigger the CC messages (if using a control surface, move the control you want to use, and if using software, run it to send the relvant CC messages).

Done! This should now show in the "MIDI Automation" tab on the left pannel (Automation > Midi Automation). There's two panes in there:

  • The top one has all the CC#, and you should see some text next to the ones you've automated. Click on one of the CC# and:
  • The bottom panel shows the controls in your multi assigned to this CC.


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