Rajaz snippet


I'm working on the first proper Whole-Play composer. Wait, that's actually really great news! Yep, time to post something. Here's the sample, or read on for a bit more background on this.

Rajaz snippet1.66 MB

Here are the first few bars of Rajaz, performed by the AkaTruthBand. The name might or not stick. The music will probably end up being something different. Here's how it sounds so far, today.

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Melody harmonization


Now that Whole-Play is harmony aware, it's time to give it some useful skills, starting with how to harmonize a melody. For now I'm focusing on adding a single voice. I can certainly add more than one voice but each process is independent, so the results might be a bit unpredictable. Read on and hear my initial explorations...

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A keen drummer


A little while ago I decided to stop working on the drummer and move on to the bass player (which is a lot of fun, btw!). The drummer doesn't do everything I want, of course, but it's starting to groove and do some nice things. If this was a band, it would be a beginner, but very keen. That said, it's super precise with timing and dynamic control, so I guess not a beginner drummer after all... ;) Read on if you want more details.

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