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It's only been around 1500 days of working in Whole-Play (sweaty smiley) to come finally to creating actual music. That's 4 years of on and off work (life is wonderfully unpredictable!), but keeping at it no matter what. I've heard a few times "is it worth it?". I think that's the wrong question. Still, it's a long time, and I feel very excited about crossing that dev line, and enter composer land. The dev aspect will go on, of course (my TODO list grows way faster than I can add/fix things), but it feels like I've reach the first peak, and now I'm looking into an open valley where I absolutely have to go (excuse the cheap hiking reference).

Long way to say that I'm working on the first composer:


Rajaz snippet1.66 MB

Here are the first few bars of Rajaz, performed by the AkaTruthBand. The name might or not stick. The music will probably end up being something different. Here's how it sounds so far, today.

Not so hidden reference to an old influence, although not really related. More like a thank-you. I'm just starting, it'll still be a while until it's ready, but I wanted to share a snippet of how it's sounding at the beginning.


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