Don't drink-play!


I've been working on making Whole-Play a less good player. Otherwise it makes me look bad... So here is the newest addition to the players: rhythmic accuracy.

Whole-Play is too good

By default Whole-Play has perfect timing. Each eighth note is exactly an eighth note. That is a typical issue with computer music, one that frustrates me a bit. It sounds something like this:

Robots at play511.56 KB

The human factor

But now I can lower the rhythmic accuracy, which in Whole-Play terms is expressed as somehting along these lines:


Here's the more human-like version, as if played by a couple of kids who do a nice job but need to learn to relax into the groove.

Trying hard...511.51 KB


And here's what happens if those kids are having tequila shots at the same time...

Don't drink-play!527.71 KB


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