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One of the things I find fascinating about Whole-Play is that the Virtual Composer can control not only the standard compositional aspects (melody, harmony, rhythm...), but pretty much anything that can be controllerd from a computer. For example, the sound generated by the software instruments.

I've been exploring how to modify various aspects of the sound from the Whole-Play code, like send effects and mix volumes. What interests me is that the Virtual Composer can play with these elements from a composer's point of view, in coordination with the more standard aspects like harmony and rhythm.

I've only scratched the surface of what's possible, but wanted to share the progress so far. Here's a video of a little demo, showing how Whole-Play controls send effects and faders. Note that there's no improvisation here, only Whole-Play generated music, and that it has no musical intention (it's pretty much random). Just exploring the sonic possibilities here.

Not in the video, but also ready: I can now also control mix parameteres (volume faders, panning) and the actual VST instrument parameters (filters, etc.). Very keen to start putting all this into practice!


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