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Harmony Evaluator


I've decided to add a new type of objects to Whole-Play, the Evaluators, which assist the Composer in the decision making process by taking care of common decision processes. First one is the Harmony Evaluator, which takes the information provided by the Harmony Analyser and decides whether or not to trigger a harmonic change in the piece, based on current context. If you're curious about the details, read on.

An algorithm for the Harmony Evaluator

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Cathedral Composer (alla Debussy)


Meet the first Proto-Composer, CathedralComposer, inspired by Debussy's La cathédrale engloutie.

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Cathedral Composer4.42 MB

The first Proto-Composer, loosely based on Debussy's La cathédrale engloutie.

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Beat detection from MIDI data


Lately I've been working on giving Whole-Play beat detection capabilities. There's heaps of information online on beat detection algorhythms, but it generally deals with audio signals, whereas I'm dealing with a stream of MIDI messages. In particular I'm concerned with extracting tempo from an improviser, tyipically on guitar or piano, which makes it quite a different problem to detecting beat from an audio source with drums, for example. Here's my approach so far...

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