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TriplePlay to the rescue


Whole-Play requires MIDI input (at least for now), which so far meant using my MIDI keyboard to play, and my piano skills are far from impressive. I so wanted to be able to use my guitar, but it seemed quite difficult... until I met TriplePlay.

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How to send MIDI to Logic's software instruments


I wanted to get Whole-Play to use Logic's software instruments for playback, which was not too hard to do, but since it took a bit of researching and fiddling with, I thought I'd document the process here for future reference, plus it might help someone else too.

My scenario is: I generate MIDI messages from custom software (using Chuck), and I want to send that midi to Logic, using different software instruments. A similar procedure might apply to other scenarios where the MIDI is generated elsewhere (i.e. some other software). Here's a step by step description:

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