Rajaz snippet


I'm working on the first proper Whole-Play composer. Wait, that's actually really great news! Yep, time to post something. Here's the sample, or read on for a bit more background on this.

Rajaz snippet1.66 MB

Here are the first few bars of Rajaz, performed by the AkaTruthBand. The name might or not stick. The music will probably end up being something different. Here's how it sounds so far, today.

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Chuck <=> Browser communication with OSC


As Whole-Play becomes more complex, the need to monitor various values of the composition has increased, and logging to a console is not particularly comfortable. Since I'm a web developer, I thought that creating a UI in the browser would be the best solution for me, so I set out to find a way to make Chuck talk to a browser. Here's my findings, using node.js and OSC.

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